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[Mod Post] Example Application - IC/Native Hidan

Please note this character's background is written prior to databook three information. However it is a good example of creating a believable background for a canon character who does not have one canonly defined.

Your Info
Name: Serina
Age: 29
E-Mail: ladygith at hotmail dot com
AIM: xSharinganHeirx
Livejournal: ladygith
Availability: too often

Character Info
Character: Hidan
Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Mostly uninterested and adamantly claims he is straight, but really would not base on gender.
IC, AU, or OC: IC
Preferred Log Tag: native!hidan
Current Village Affiliation: Akatsuki (Previously Hidden Hot Springs)

Personality: He is a very devout and religious person who is willing to take whatever time is necessary to do things his own way. Hidan is very full of himself, yet often humble at times. His greatest personality flaw is his inability to shut up and stay quiet. He always finds a need to complain and throws curses around like free candy. His language is often sarcastic and caustic. Hidan doesn't seem to like anyone, and usually does not show any respect to anyone except his god. He is a follower of the Jashin religion. The religion worships a deity named Jashin and condemns anything short of slaughter and destruction. Because he is so devout, Hidan greatly dislikes needing to capture opponents alive, and makes sure to pray before battles where he cannot kill. He is often seen praying to his rosary before battle and asks that he get nothing short of a kill. Hidan despises being interrupted or having to stop a fight, and it takes a great deal of persuasion to get him to comply. After battles, should he have time, Hidan performs a thirty-minute ritual in accordance with his religion, which culminates by stabbing himself in the chest and lying upon the ground. Hidan dislikes many of the formalities required for membership in Akatsuki, especially being partnered with Kakuzu. He dislikes the fact that Kakuzu fights solely for money and has a tendency to continuously inform his partner of it. He also greatly dislikes the leader, often talking back and never showing respect or care for the organization’s ambitions. Hidan is very sado-masochistic, finding pleasure in causing pain in others and in his own pain while doing so. He does seem to constantly desire his own death, but does not take the prospect very seriously.

Background: When Hidan was born, his father considered him defective and a bad omen due to his albinoism. He was supposed to be killed so that evil would not come to his family, but at the last minute his mother could not bear seeing the death of their only son. Not long after his first birthday, a stranger passed by and saw the unique child playing in the dirt as his mother watched over him. The man, a monk of Jashin who was travelling, offered to buy the child. Hidan’s parents, who were poor, considered the offer and accepted. It was a win-win to them, as the bad omen would be gone and their child would still live.

The man brought Hidan to his village and gave him the name of Hidan. It was very small and dedicated to the worship of Jashin. He was raised there by the monk and taught the ways of the religion. He was brought up to believe he was descended from Jashin and had no parents and as such, he has no family name. Hidan, as all followers were, was trained as a shinobi so that he could do Jashin’s will. When he was 11, he was recognized as a Genin after finishing their school of training. He quickly developed into a Chuunin at 13 and later recognized by the village elder’s as a Jounin at 16. Due to his extremely devout nature and adherence to the dogma, Hidan became one of the ‘Chosen’ of Jashin at the age of 12. At the time, a ritual was performed and he was given immortality by their God. Known for his extreme tendancies and devotion, Hidan was considered one of Jashin’s greatest monks to ever exist.

At 19, Hidan had a ‘vision from Jashin’ and thus killed his owner and mentor, along with 12 other disciples of Jashin, slowly and painfully in the middle of the village. He saw it as a merciful death releasing them from the constraints of this world to rise up to their God. Claiming Jashin requested him to travel to bring the religion to others and divine judgement to heathens, Hidan left the village and began to travel the world to do Jashin’s will. Ironically, in the first year of his pilgrimage, one of his ‘cleansed’ victims was unknowingly his father who recognized Hidan and tried to tell him he was his son. As the man died, the last words he heard Hidan say were, “I have no parents, I am born of Jashin!”

Years later his unique abilites caused him to be sought out by Akatsuki. When confronted by four of the members he agreed to join because he hoped that in doing so, they would attract opposition strong enough to finally kill him.

Physical Description: Hidan has pale skin and hair with violet-red eyes. His features are striking and alluring. He is well kept, keeping his hair neat and gelled. Hidan stands proudly and looks prissy. His body is very toned and he appears strong. He is 5’10 and 149lbs. Hidan usually wears his Akatsuki uniform without a shirt, baring his chest with his cloak partially unbuttoned. Always he carries a rosary of his religion, and a three bladed scythe on his back. On his left index finger, he wears a ring with the kanji for “three”. When he uses his Jashin curse, Hidan takes on a grim reaper appearance.

Ninja Information - If your char has no ninja skills, skip this section
Official Rank/Special Rank: Jounin / Akatsuki
Chakra Elemental Affinity: wind, fire
Does your character favor a weapon and/or fighting style? Three bladed scythe and a pike.
Does your character specialize in any of the following: Hidan’s strength is taijutsu for the most part, but he specializes in his religion. Hidan is seemingly immortal. Although he can survive dismemberment, Hidan needs to be connected to his body in order to control it. After acquiring some of an opponent's blood and consuming it, Hidan uses his own blood to draw the symbol of his religion on the ground. Hidan enters the symbol and undergoes a transformation, turning most of his skin black and creating white lines in roughly the same locations as his bones. Once his transformation is complete, Hidan and his opponent are "linked", and any damage done to Hidan is also done to the opponent. He will then wound himself to injure his opponent. Because of his immortality, he suffers no debilitating damage from his self attacks. Hidan needs to remain within the symbol for the voodoo-like effects to work.

Bloodline/Clan: Religion/Clan? Follower of Jashin
Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts): 5 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand): 4.5
Genjutsu (Illusions): 3 Intelligence: 3
Force (Power): 4 Speed: 3.5
Stamina (Chakra Amount): 5 Seals: 3.5

Writing Samples
RP Example: The sun was bright enough to sting Hidan's eyes through his eyelids, causing the Jashinist to shift and mumble his annoyance. His head pounded and his body ached all over. It was rare for him to consume so much alcohol that he would be hung over in the morning, but Kakuzu had really pissed him off the day before and drinking away funds was something the man despised as an ultimate waste. Hidan had been quick to take advantage of that pet peeve. Most of the previous night was a blur, if remembered at all, but it wasn't as if he could even think straight for the moment.

"God damn fucking sun!" he loudly groaned.

The loud complaint woke the man spooning him from behind, causing him to shift and only then making Hidan aware that he was not alone. A strong arm was wrapped around his waist, and as if the masculine feel of the body pressed against him wasn't enough of an indicator that he lay naked with another man, the deeper voice that answered his groan confirmed it. "Shut up, my head is killing me."

Not thinking, a common occurance for him, Hidan's eyes shot open and he pulled away yelling, "Don't touch me you sleazy bastard! I'm no fucking faggot!" His own voice and the sudden brighter light increased the throbbing in his head and before he could turn and see exactly who had been holding him like a long-time lover, the pale haired man doubled over as the room spun and so did his stomach.

Journal Post Example:[Private] Dear Lord Jashin! Why the fuck did this happen? How the fuck did it happen? [/Private]

Itachi, you sick blind fuck! Did you set this up? Keep your little faggot's hands off me! Fucking heathen bastards. I probably have AIDS now from your ass whore brother who RAPED me! Yeah, that's right! It was rape! I'd never let another man fuck me! Sick perverts. This whole organization is nothing but a bunch of god damn heathen ass rapers!

Comments/Questions: None.

Tags: application
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