Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators (oa_mods) wrote,
Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators

[Mod Post] Friend Add/Remove List

For a fast and easy way to add the character RP journals of the community, please just go to the Admin Console and copy the following into the box provided there.

UPDATED: September 10, 2010

Friend add orochiagenda
Friend add orochi_chars
Friend add orochi_ooc
Friend add orochi_plotbox
Friend add oa_logs
Friend add orochi_logs
Friend add sharinganheir
Friend add medic_nin_rin
Friend add kitsune_no_shi
Friend add demonofthesnow
Friend add sanguinarycrow
Friend add blood_red_mist
Friend add kills4cash
Friend add drunken_lotus
Friend add crimsonheir
Friend add swirly_facade
Friend add y3ll0wfl4sh
Friend add loveribbon
Friend add artist_sai
Friend add flamesnapdragon

Tags: characters, mod post
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