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[Mod Post] Character Application

All characters in the series (including ones presented after the RP splits from the manga) are Available unless they are listed on the Taken Characters list.
A list of characters requested by players can be found here.

FAQ: Is my character IC, AU, or OC?
We realize the categorization may be confusing for new players unfamiliar with the game and the mixing of various worlds. Hopefully this breakdown helps clarify it, and if you are still unsure, feel free to drop a line to the mods! ^^ We'd be happy to assist you!

  • A canon character that is native to the world in which the game is taking place.
  • Must be based on the canon character as they are at the point where the game world breaks off from the series (start of Shippuden).
    • Can be a character introduced further in the series, but note that the canon events for the world are only up to where the game breaks off.
  • Characters from the series with a twist or alteration.
  • Canon characters based on different points in the Naruto timeline than that of the "IC" game world.
  • Characters dead in the canon storyline up to where the game's "IC" world breaks off.
  • Completely original characters that do not exist in the series.

Read the rules of the community before applying!
Please read the rules regarding applications for Original Characters (OC) if you are planning to app an OC as opposed to an AU character.
**Note: We require a minimum character age of 12, and do not accept Bijuu as characters. Both due to past playability issues.

Applications can be submitted via comments to this entry or email to: oa_mods {at} comcast.net

Your Info
Name: Real name or nickname.
Age: Your age. By LJ rules this is required knowledge for the Comm due to mature content.
E-Mail: A valid e-mail address that we can use for communication.
AIM: An aim screenname we can contact you at.
Livejournal: Your personal livejournal.
Availability: Your personal availability to RP. How committed are you to rping even if you are limited on time?

Character Info
Character: The character you are applying for.
Age: Your character's age. We have a minimum age requirement of 12 for characters.
Gender: Your character's gender. (Mostly applicable for AU and OC)
Sexual Orientation: Your character's sexual preferences.
IC, AU, or OC: Is your character game world canon, alternate universe, or original?
Preferred Log Tag: Choose a tag for logs that describes your character. (Ex: oto!naruto) AU!, IC!, and OOC! are not acceptable.
Current Affiliation: The village or organization your character is affiliated with at the time of creation, if any. For Akatsuki and other missing nin, include original village.

Personality: This is the most important part of the app. Please describe how your character acts, their likes and dislikes, positive attributes and flaws. Be specific. We want to make sure you know who they are. Two paragraph minimum, please.

Background: Your character's biography. Describe your character's past and how it affects their life and their future. If your character is IC and does not have a fully established canon background, please fill in the gaps so we can get an idea how you see the character's life up to this point. Example: IC Hidan (Written pre-databook 3)

Physical Description: Describe how your character looks. What distinguishing traits or features do they have physically?

Ninja Information - If your char has no ninja/fighting skills, skip this section
Official Rank/Special Rank: (i.e. Sennin, Jounin, Elite/Specialized Jounin, Chuunin, Genin, Academy, Civilian)/(i.e. ANBU, Special Forces, Hunter-nin, etc)
Chakra Elemental Affinity: (Note that canonly only Jounin+ or those with special bloodlines have more than a single affinity)
Does your character favor a weapon and/or fighting style?
Does your character specialize in any of the following: Ninjutsu (hand seals), Genjutsu (Illusionary), Taijutsu (hand to hand combat), Kuchiyose No Jutsu (Summoning technique)
Bloodline/Clan: An optinal entry, but if they have one, it must be listed and described here. This includes any bloodline techniques they currently possess.
Statistics: Please fill out the number for each ability for your character to the best of your ability so that we may see how you view your character's abilities. (Range 0-5, can use decimals) Formatting is unnecessary and only used here for ease of viewing.
Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts): 4 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand): 2.5
Genjutsu (Illusions): 1.5 Intelligence: 2
Force (Power): 4 Speed: 3.5
Stamina (Chakra Amount): 5 Seals: 1
Shippuden Naruto's stats are given with Orange as an example.
Statistics of Canon characters can be found here.

Writing Samples
Choose one of the following four prompts, or we'd love for you to come up with your own:
-Your character is challenged by a random shinobi. He looks strong, and more than a little psychotic. What does your character do?
-Your character wakes up in bed with Sasuke. How does your character handle the situation? What are their thoughts on how it happened and what happened?
-A high ranking person of another village or organization confronts you and attempts to persuade you to spy on your own village and give up information. The threat of not doing such is death. What does your character do? How do they handle the situation?
-You encounter Sakura drinking at the bar. She seems pretty wasted and is depressed about Sasuke's treatment of her and his attitude. She turns to you for comfort and affection. How do you handle it and what happens?

RP Example: Third person writing sample. Describe the situation in the prompt and how your character interacts in the situation. Please include your characters emotions and thoughts so we can get a better idea of how you would play the character in an RP setting.

Journal Post Example: First person writing sample. Write a journal entry that your character would write regarding the events from your chosen prompt in the RP Example. Remember this is a journal entry, not a roleplay scenerio. Please show your ability to stay in your character.

Comments/Questions: Anything you wish to ask the Mods or any comments or information you wish us to know. Also a great place to mention where you heard about OA or whom you know that plays!

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