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Orochimaru's Agenda Moderators
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Game Design and Style :: Table Updates :: Whipmaster
Best Time Reached: 10am-6pm (EST)
Ser is the current owner of this comm, and generally makes all the final decisions. Although often busy with modly duties or sleeping, Ser attempts to make himself accessible as much as possible. Warning: He is infamous for not using away flags. Go ahead and talk away anyway. He'll see it eventually.
mabu izumo: "Stage one in character approval -- would Sasuke tap that" LOL ♥
AIM Screename: xSharinganHeirx
Journal: ladygith

Activity :: Player Relations :: Event Planning
Best Time Reached: 8pm-12am (EST)
Alex is slightly OCD but near always around and more than willing to log. She is Ser's backup for anything Ser needs. Her projects right now are organizing missions and organizing Akatsuki. She also serves as reality check and random bits of humor.
mabu Izumo: Sasuke is so emo he censors himself.
AIM Screename: scribblesITM
Journal: scribblesitm

Recruitment :: Game Design
Best Time Reached: 3pm-11pm (EST)
Sarah is an analytical mod-in-training. She is friendly, and willing to log whenever she is available. Her duties are whatever the senior mods tell her to do.
AIM Screename: Moonlitdreams104
Journal: saiyaness104

Recruitment :: Plot Maniac
Best Time Reached: 9am-3am (EST)
Sandy, aka Kaena, is always available for plotting, chatting, and general insanity. A master recruiter, there is a 90% chance she is why you are reading this! She is quite friendly, so feel free to poke her anytime regarding anything as she doesn't bite...often.
AIM Screename: scourgeofthemist
Journal: hoshigaki_kaena

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the game in general, please contact either scribblesITM, xSharinganHeirx, Moonlitdreams104, or scourgeofthemist on AIM or Moderators can be reached via email at oa_mods [at] comcast.net